The New Year of 2022 is here, and the one new year’s resolution most people have on their list is more exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or dreadful or mean going to a gym. It can be fun, and something you can do with the family. On this list, you will find exercises from yoga to dance and HIIT workouts. Have this New Year’s resolution be one that you want to do every day to make you feel good for years on end. Skip the gym in the Tri-Cities and try fun at-home exercises this new year.

Tri-Cities exercises
Yoga is nice for those stressful days. Stretching your muscles to relax is a good way to release it. Photo credit: Aman Kumar


Yoga is a slower exercise, but you can still get a good sweat out of it. Yoga is good for the endurance of the breath and strengthening the core, legs, and arms. It is also suitable for calming the mind whenever you feel stressed. There are many yoga cycles that you can practice, but if you want more of the weight loss benefits, here are some videos.

Yoga for Weight Loss and Belly Fat, Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine By PsycheTruth 

In this yoga video by PsycheTruth, you will still experience the victory of achieving your weight loss goal. It will be in more of a calm environment. Using your own breath and body weight to work with your core, this video is perfect for beginners.

Yoga For Weight Loss, Fat Burning Workout By Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is funny and encouraging. This yoga video is for when you want to give yourself a challenge. Also focusing on the breath, Adriene gives the full core, arms, legs, and back package. After this exercise, it’s guaranteed that you will be feeling the burn, and once you take a nice warm shower, all of the tight muscles will relax for a good night’s rest.

15 Minute Hot and Sweaty Yoga Routine| Power Yoga for Weight Loss and Strength By SarahBethYoga

A quick 15-minute yoga routine is great for those days when you want a fast workout but still want good results. This yoga routine does work on the core, but it is the breathwork that is important. Breathing deep and slow in this routine will allow your body to slow down and fasten your metabolism, kickstarting your weight loss journey.

I did 108 Surya Namaskar for 30 Days. Here’s what happened. By Anita Bokepalli

This video is not only informative but also a tutorial on how to do Surya Namaskars. Also known as Sun Salutations, this routine consists of 12 powerful yoga poses. In this video, Anita states, “The number one question about this Sun Salutation routine is if it aids in weight loss.” And the answer she gives is, “Yes, it does!” Anita goes into depth in this video about how to do it and how much weight she has lost in her journey of doing 108 Surya Namaskars each day. Even doing five of these cycles will have you sweating and feeling lighter.

HIIT Workouts

Tri-Cities exercises
Using dumbbells is another way to get a good workout in, especially for HIIT workouts. Photo credit: Yulissa Tagle

HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) workouts have gotten a lot of negative talk, but it’s only because people are doing ones that don’t necessarily work for them. It’s just not the same if the workout is not fun. On this list, there will be four different kinds of HIIT workouts that you can try. From dancing to using only one piece of equipment like dumbbells, these workouts are perfect for home. If HIIT workouts are not your thing, it’s okay. There are more ideas you can test out.

Welcome to the BEYHIVE: 20 Min Fun Dance Workout! Beyoncé (Full Body Cardio) By and8 Fitness

Who could say no to a Beyoncé dance video? This is a good family workout, with incredible energy and motivation, and will leave you feeling like a queen or king. There is something to make you smile once it is over, consisting of squats, jumps, and an intense core workout. Dominique and Danielle will have you sweating like there’s no tomorrow.

30-Minute No-Equipment Abs and Butt-Toning Workout By POPSUGAR Fitness  

This HIIT workout will have you feeling sore the next day and feeling good that you are another day closer to your goal. With a little bit of cardio to burn all those Thanksgiving and Christmas calories, these three girls tell the truth of each workout during the entire workout. You’re not alone when you feel the burn.

Replace Treadmill with this 10 Min HIIT/CARDIO Workout By THENX

Giving the motivation we need to push through until the recommended rest time, Chris Heria gives a perfect HIIT workout to replace a treadmill walk. You’ll burn more with this exercise than you do regular walking on the treadmill. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, Chris Heria gives moderations and advice for each one.

Dumbbell HIIT Workout 20 Minutes (At Home or In Gym) By Ashton Hall Official

For more of a workout challenge using dumbbells, Ashton Hall gives a workout that engages the core, arms, and legs. With a ten-second active rest and one-minute rest to break, your arms will be feeling the burn. Each breath Aston takes, allow yourself to do what he does also. It will help you expand your lungs to take deeper breaths to push through this intense HIIT workout.

In-Bed Workouts

Tri-Cities exercises
Dancing with the family as a workout is cool. Let out all of the crazy energy and get an exercise out of it. Photo credit: Anastasia Hisel

For those lazy days you want to stay in bed, you can still say you worked out, but more comfortably. Simple and efficient, these three workout videos would be the best for those days.

Full Body Workout in Bed By Dayana Wang

A quick ten-minute full-body workout in bed is something almost all can do. Engaging everything and then getting up to start the day is an excellent way to get one task off your list, so it doesn’t seem so cluttered throughout the day.

Lazy Day/Bed Potato Workout (100% Lying Down) By Amelie Tahiti

Amelie shows the relatable side of wearing a PJ onesie while doing a workout on the couch. Also, advising the video, she reminds us it’s alright to stop if you’re uncomfortable. Doing this workout in your pajamas is fun to do with your significant other when you both want a good laugh.

The Best Core Exercise From Bed By Workout Warriors

Covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced, this video for exercise in bed is excellent for that morning ab burn. Instructing as you go along, you will know how to do this one exercise effectively each time.


Tri-Cities exercises
Meditation will make you feel good mentally with each deep breath. Photo credit: Erik Brolin

Although this is not much of a workout for the body, meditation is an exercise for the mind. Keeping yourself optimistic in the new year is a goal that plays into your workouts. Without that positive energy, it’s harder to find motivation. These guided meditation videos will help bring in that positivity you’ve been seeking for the year in 2022.

Positive energy Guided Meditation for Raising Your Vibrational Frequency By Great Meditation

Raise my Vibration Energy Positivity Abundance 10 Min Morning Meditation (Morning Affirmations) By Progressive Hypnosis

12 Minute Meditation to Calm Your Mind and Raise Your Vibration [Instant Positive Energy!] By Master Sri Akarshana

Happy New Year, Tri-Cities. Wishing you all the best in motivating yourself to bring your resolutions to life. Make exercise fun this year and keep your positivity high.

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