Not all outdoor adventures have to be strenuous. Spending time watching wildlife can be a great outdoor adventure. Nature lovers flock to see wildlife in the Tri-Cities area due to the numerous places for viewing and the large assortment of species that inhabit the area.

The year-round good weather in the Columbia River Basin means you can enjoy nature 12 months of the year here. Top places to view wildlife in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and beyond include the 276+ acre Chamna Natural Preserve, which has everything from several species of birds to river otters, porcupines and deer.

Bateman Island in the Columbia River south of Richland has urban wildlife, while Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve is a great place for small mammal watching.

Other options include Audubon Nature Trail that is great for bird, insect and fish lovers; Amon Creek Natural Preserve has beavers, river otters, deer, rabbits and many species of birds; and McNary National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place to spot birds, particularly migratory waterfowl and endangered species, more than 200 species in all have been spot at McNary, as well as many mammals.

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