In the Tri-Cities, we all have one place we love to go, a destination that is sure to bring happiness to everyone’s food palate. One popular place is none other than Tri-Citie’s famous food hangout Summer’s Hub of Kennewick. With yummy food, entertaining music and events, there’s everything you and your family need to hang out.

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick
When you enter the Summer’s Food Hub find a foodie’s wonderland. As soon as you enter there are many mouthwatering choices to select from. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Right by the Toyota of Tri-Cities dealership, Summer’s Hub sits up to 28 food trucks in this one piece of land. Right in the middle is the owner’s other restaurant, Brady’s Brats & Burgers. Named after his kids, the owner, Chris Corbin, always dreamed of a place like this in the Tri-Cities. According to Fox 11 Local News, Chris Corbin said, “Tri-Cities is a melting pot of people, and this restaurant will invite everyone to come out and have fun while getting a bite to eat.” The Summer’s Hub of Kennewick gives the Tri-Cities just that.

With a big place to fill, Summer’s Hub is set to do many things with new trucks and fun nights. From hosting farmers to wine and painting events, all of their plans are featured on their website. You even have the opportunity to sign up for email updates. Here are a few of the many food trucks you can try at Summer’s Hub of Kennewick.

Angel Brook Farm

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick
When you walk in at the Summer’s Hub find five options with ice cream, waffle desserts, cute coffee shop, sushi, and Boba. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

A Tri-Cities’ favorite throughout all the seasons, Angel Brook Farm is an all-natural handmade ice cream truck. From flavors like Lavender Honey to Raspberry Cheesecake, this truck will have you made in the shade on a hot summer day. From the beginning, it’s one of the first and last trucks you see when you leave Summer’s Hub of Kennewick. Who could say no to a frozen delight for dessert? 

Coba Fam Vietnamese 

At Coba Fam Vietnamese, they have perfected the ratio for boba tea. Fruit teas, milk teas, coffee, you name it, they have it. There is also delicious Vietnamese food to go with your drinks. Shrimp toast, spring rolls, and bánh mì, each one is sure to caress your taste buds with flavor.

Golden Roll Sushi

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick
On the right side of the Summer’s Hub find yummy Mexican food, corndogs, barbecue, pho, and more drinks! There is always something new to look forward to at Summer’s Hub of Kennewick. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Golden Roll Sushi is the only sushi place at Summer’s Food Hub of Kennewick, bringing filling meals and fun together. At other sushi restaurants, you can get the usual tasty sushi roll. But here, you can get delicious sushi in the shape of a donut, pizza, or even a nori-wrapped sushi sandwich! Bringing creativity with every meal, there is even a possibility that you can get your kids to try something new at Golden Roll Sushi.

The Corndog Co.

Everyone loves a good deep-fried corn dog. And here at The Corndog Co., their corndogs are bringing up a storm. Deep fried and slathered in the Corndog Co. honey, this corndog will have you in utter delight. At The Corndog Co., they also have deep-fried desserts and cheese bombs drizzled in honey. It’s definitely something you can’t miss!

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick
On the left side find tasty Boba, soul and creole food, Mexican, and chicken wings with fries. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick has been a big hit since its grand opening. You will always see people getting in their daily indulgence on weekdays and weekends. Go out and try new foods and drinks. Summer’s Food Hub encourages it, and so do all of the self-owned businesses in the Tri-Cities featured there.

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick
6481 W. Skagit Avenue, Kennewick

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