If you are melting in the summer heat of the Tri-Cities, there is no treat the sweet tooth craves like fresh ice cream, ices, or aguas fescas from a local ice cream shop. Tri-Cities has an eclectic collection of choices for the ice cream connoisseur. Each of these local ice cream shops offers its own story. Some are fresh and innovative. Others have a decade-long reputation for tasty ice cream.

Tri-Cities Ice Cream
Rollin’ Waffle Bowl with rolled ice cream. Photo credit: Abigail Swire

Rollin’ food truck in Richland is a bright, funky oasis in a hot, dry landscape. The innovative ice cream joint participates in events like National Ice Cream Day at Queensgate Gardens and Food Truck Night. The hand-rolled ice cream treats are available in unique flavors like blackberry lavender cheesecake. Ice cream can be made to order with dairy-free coconut or almond milk, served in cups, waffle cones, waffle tacos, or go for a full banana boat. An added bonus is the doggie ice cream treats for your furry friends.

For a lunch or dinner and dessert bonanza, Helados La Michoacana, with locations in Pasco, Kennewick, and Hermiston, is an authentic Mexican ice cream shop with an abundant menu of milkshakes, fruity ice cream bars, shaved ices, and vibrant flavors like tamarindo guayaba, Sandia, chamoy and scrumptious cheesecake fresa. To supplement the dessert fiesta, you can dine in or take out from an abundant menu of tortas, nachos and other Mexican dishes.

Monarca Ice Cream is an authentic Mexican ice cream parlor in Pasco offering homemade Michoacana style ice cream. With an array of colorful ice cream bars in festive flavors such as diablito, horchata, pico de gallo con chile, vegetarianas, and rompope, you can satiate your craving for sweet and spicy in one lick. The shop also offers homemade refreshing aguas fescas and milkshakes.

Tri-Cities Ice Cream
Owner Bryson Cardenas and Sonia hand roll ice cream at Crepes N Rolls in Pasco. Photo credit: Abigail Swire

Crepes N Rolls in Pasco opened in 2019 with a fresh selection of rolled ice cream (including dairy-free), numerous toppings, and sweet crepes. A customer favorite is Razzle Dazzle raspberry cheesecake. The menu incorporates locally grown berries and strives to provide locally sourced ingredients.

Chills Froyo and Custard Kennewick have a variety of custard and sorbet flavors on tap. Creamy treats made with silk almond milk are also on the menu for those who cannot tolerate dairy.

Baum’s House of Chocolate and Gourmet Popcorn in Kennewick serves Cascade Glacier and Umpqua ice creams, in a themed sales shop of balloon decor for events, graduation party favors and decorations, plus gift baskets. Additionally, find old-fashioned jarred candy and a scrumptious selection of truffles, chocolates, and even chocolate sculptures.

Amethyst Creamery local ice cream shop in Richland, combines ice cream philia and a passion for geology. It is run by owner Doug and his daughter Kendra and was inspired by Doug’s previous stint as a rock and gem shop owner in Sun River, OR. During summer, the line coming out of the ice cream shop down the street in Sun River gave Doug the idea to combine ice cream and his passion for rock hunting. Doug found his location next to Howard Amon Park in Richland to be an ideal spot for the new venture, where he serves rich, creamy ice cream flavors, espresso drinks, gems and gemstone jewelry.

Tri-Cities Ice Cream
Gaige and Jocelyn at Country Mercantile dish out ice cream blends and gelato. Photo credit: Abigail Swire

Country Mercantile in Richland offers smooth, creamy ice cream blends and gelato with the added benefit of other fresh foods to browse, including a selection of old-style candy in jars, truffles, fudge, pasta, salsas, oil blends, bakery goods, fresh-made deli sandwiches and a beguiling array of dipped apples.

La Jalpita ice cream and snack shop tucked away in a corner of Pasco serve raspados icees, dipped bananas and strawberries, ice fruit bars, dipped cones, ice cream bars, soft serve, aguas fescas and dipped apples.

El Paraiso in Pasco is a Mexican dessert shop featuring beautiful sundaes and freezes (coronas, escarchadas, cicada, pina colada), smoothies, fresh juices, fruity Red Bull drinks, and fruit desserts like the Pina Loca and Coco Loco.

If ice cream is an integral part of your summer day, you can grab the kids and head to one of these locations to cool down and browse the panorama of flavors or sneak off and treat yourself to a sweet cone or refreshing fruity agua fresca. Tri-Cities’ extensive blend of frozen treats will tempt you to try them all.

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