When people think of Instagram, they often think of one thing — I would like to be an influencer, but I would like to be unique. Thankfully there are a lot of secluded places in the Tri-Cities that will do the trick. Here are three Tri-Cities spots for fun photos that your Instagram will love.

Tri-Cities Instagram
One of the ponds at Amon Basin Nature Preserve. You can hear the lovely music from the birds and frogs when you walk near here during the evening or early in the morning. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Amon Basin Nature Preserve

441 Broadmoor St.

Shrubs, bushes, wildlife, oh my! Get clicking at the Amon Basin Nature Preserve. Come and explore this walking trail if your vibe is nature and fitness. This trail offers a variety of options, from taking a picture with wildlife (from a safe distance) to showing off those abs you’ve been working on all summer. You can come to this spot during any time of the year, but the best bet for beautiful images is at sunset. The colors in the sky are a beautiful setting to showcase your outfit. Plus, the pond at this trail gives your pictures a sense of serenity.

Tri-Cities Instagram
These are the stairs in front of Fred Meyer. In the evenings the sun hits just right for a sun-kissed photo. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Fred Meyer Stairs

Wellsian Way

The stairs next to the Richland Fred Meyer are not very known for their use of picture purposes. Most people use the stairs to get to and from the store. So, this is the place to go to those who love the sun shining upon them or like full-body photos. The plus side to this spot is that Fred Meyer is nearby. Food and good pictures are a convenient and fun combo. Grab an ice cream cone or your favorite snack and snap some fun photos at this overlooked Instagram spot.

Tri-Cities Instagram
These gorgeous orange trumpet vine flowers grow over a fence at Hatfield Park. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Hatfield Park

1237 W Canal Drive

As for this spot, you can call it a hidden gem. Welcome to Hatfield Park! Hatfield Park is not very well known in the Tri-Cities. The only people that see this park are the ones that live nearby. Hatfield Park has luscious trees, grass and flowers, all for the perfect scenery photos. Hatfield Park also has a playground for those who want to bring their siblings along to hang out or take some colorful photos with the equipment.

All in all, just know it’s okay to be yourself on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to have fun with it and get silly. These places let you do what you feel is best for you. Your pictures will be the treasure of your own Instagram. Happy photo shooting, everyone!

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