Seasonal boredom is around the corner and the winter weather has finally begun. Around this time of year, some would say they have nothing to do or rely on social media to take their mind away from nothingness. Let’s fix that. Yes, you will still be using your phone, tablet, or TV, but you will be using them as a tool to keep the mind working. Here are 5 activities that you can do to help cure your seasonal winter boredom that can happen here in the Tri-Cities.

Winter Tri-Cities
Using a size 8 knitting needle, this is a simple knitting stitch that is perfect for beginners. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Follow a Bob Ross Painting Video

Loved by all for his elegant outdoorsy paintings, Bob Ross is the first on the curing winter boredom list. You don’t have to just watch him paint. Why not follow along? Following a Bob Ross painting with the family or even as a date is something everyone can enjoy. Even your young ones can lull themselves to sleep while you watch his videos. His voice seems to have that effect.

The brands of supplies you use don’t have to be specific. But if you want a start on a few name brands, here is a list:

Remember to have fun with each painting on Bob Ross’ Youtube channel. You can add as many trees, bushes, and flowers as you want. And as Bob Ross says, “Believe you can do it cause you can do it.”

Knitting and Crocheting

Winter Tri-Cities
Made with a size 3.75 mm hook. The video followed was by Bella Coco. This is a granny square purse that is perfect for summers on the beach. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Some may say they believe knitting and crocheting are for grandmas. But who’s says it can’t be for everyone. Knitting and crocheting are said to even relieve stress and anxiety. Give it a try. You can make mittens, purses, scarves, socks, headbands, shirts, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

The brands of yarn are all up to you. There is velvet yarn, chunky yarn, coarse yarn and even plarn (plastic bag yarn). The colors are endless too. Let your imagination run free. And it’s okay if you’re a beginner. Down below are starter projects for new to the craft. Plus, you can make beautiful gifts.

Family Puzzle Competitions

Winter Tri-Cities
This is a puzzle found at Dollar Tree. 300 pieces is a good amount for a speed competition. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Now, this may sound a little weird but trust me on this idea. As a family, each person will have the same puzzle. You can get the little ones from Dollar Tree. As soon as everyone opens their puzzle with their pieces, they will be timed. The fastest person to complete the puzzle wins. Everyone will be trying their hardest to be first, but at the same time connecting with family with laughing at each other because someone might be cheating by looking at someone else’s puzzle for clues.

Polymer Clay Crafts

This activity could be one where your little ones can get super creative. You can join in on the fun too if you want to make a little something for yourself. Polymer clay crafts are fairly easy. You will have to use the oven for this one since it is not air-dry clay.

A few brands of polymer clay and polymer clay supplies that you can buy are:

Winter Tri-Cities
They’re not perfect, but it was fun to create these out of polymer clay. The poop is one way to get the kids into it. They’ll think it’s funny. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Since each brand has a different set of instructions when baking, so be sure to read the package carefully. You can make anything from big sculptures to itty bitty earrings. The sky is the limit!

Try a Fancy Recipe (Sweet and Savory)

Bust out the aprons and try a fancy recipe. If you really want to challenge yourself, make Ratatouille. The total preparation time is two days. It may take a long time, but it is worth it when you plate it with a small bed of rice. Three fancy recipes to try:

As for supplies, local art and craft stores are great places to purchase the items you need for each activity.

People of the Tri-Cities, try a new activity. This winter is giving everyone a chance to express themselves creatively. These ideas are just the start. Hang out with your family, do something fun to bond. Next year may be coming, but this one isn’t finished. Live in the present moment with your loved ones and have some fun!

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