Here in the Tri-Cities, those who are into fashion are always in search of something new. Whether it be hippie, grunge, or preppy, there is a quest for a unique style. But what the citizens of the Tri-Cities don’t realize is that unique is being your true self. Zayid Al-Ghani and his brand Misplaced Clothing help your inner quest to be inspired in every way.

Misplaced Clothing
Misplaced Clothing Co.’s owner Zayid Al-Ghani II wearing his own quilt pants. Photo courtesy: Misplaced Clothing Co.

Zayid Al-Ghani

The owner of Misplaced Clothing Co. is none other than Zayid Al-Ghani. An ambitious and inspiring person, Zayid first started out working with a few manufacturers. He began on a few brands of his own, but those did not work as planned. Zayid learned a lot working with others through trial and error. Not giving up on his passion and love for fashion, he set out to start his own brand, Misplaced Clothing Co. “I really just wanted to start creating my own pieces through my vision and get my story through it,” Zayid said.

Envisioning his brand to have something for everyone, Zayid believes it is good to stand out from the crowd because you are simply being your true self. Self-love and, of course, fashion are what he wants to bring out in people.

The Clothes  

Misplaced Clothing
The newest clothing piece from Misplaced Clothing Co., is Zayid’s denim patch crew neck jacket. You can pair it with skirts, jeans, and more! Photo courtesy: Misplaced Clothing Co.

Zayid’s clothes are beyond compare. Misplaced Clothing Co. offers bucket hats, bags, shorts, sweaters, and more visions to come. All the fabric he uses is either thrifted or bought at a local craft store. A few fabrics he has done are quilted shorts and bags. The shorts are definitely of the utmost comfort and fashion-forward. You can pair them with what you love and rock anything.

The style Zayid brings is not one that you can say belongs to a specific group. “It really doesn’t matter what I am creating right now,” says Zayid. “I think it’s different, and it fits a certain person in this world.” This specific person Zayid speaks of is one that feels misplaced. But that is what he loves most about his brand — to be misplaced is a good thing.

When it comes to a staple, “I really like working with denim right now,” says Zayid. Patchwork and mixed colors of denim are one of his main focuses at this time. Some of his other work, as seen on his website, are hearts and flowers patchworks, tapestry prints on the side of pants, and full-on quilted pants, each one carefully sewn with geometric lining.

Misplaced Clothing
Zayid’s work process begins with writing his vision in his notebook and putting that vision to work with his sewing machine. He is working hard to invent a forever style. Photo courtesy: Misplaced Clothing Co.

You can follow Misplaced Clothing’s Instagram to see what is in store for more misplaced fashion. Zayid posts sneak peeks of what is next to be out and how he likes to style them. He’s also done a few pop-ups, with the most recent one in Umatilla. Wanting to do more, Zayid is waiting for the right opportunities to be shown to him. Others being there for him and his clothing is definitely a plus.

The Misplaced Message  

Like every other clothing brand, there is a message to be conveyed. With Misplaced Clothing Co., that message is different. “When most people think of the word misplaced, they think of the negative,” says Zayid. “Like you don’t fit or belong.” People are often focused on fitting into one style or group where they can feel comfortable. People think being misplaced is a bad thing, but Zayid believes differently. “I have the positive flip on it — to be misplaced is okay,” he says. “There’s only one of you and one of me, so we are all misplaced in this world at the end of the day.”

Misplaced Clothing
An example of Misplaced Clothing Co.’s patchwork on jeans. Some of the materials are recycled from thrift stores or bought from local craft stores to create a brand new style. Photo courtesy: Misplaced Clothing Co.

The brand Misplace Clothing Co. overall means life. Everyone goes through multiple stages in their own journey. Don’t worry about being different or liking unique music. Zayid Al-Ghani and Misplaced Clothing Co. help you find the confidence to wear and be who you love. Be who you want to be without self-judgment or caring what others think. Each pair of his pants, hats, and purses inspires all.

Zayid Al-Ghani’s journey has begun and will go on as legendary. As the fashion world continues to reinvent, Zayid is inventing clothing that is one of a kind. Other styles may come and go, but Misplaced Clothing Co. is here to stay. Find inspiration and be you, Tri-Cities!

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