Bringing something new and fresh to the Tri-Cities, Twisters Espresso is here to surprise you. Main and Hailey are young business owners with a passion for making everyone happy. Not only are their drinks delectable, but their homemade syrups are also all-natural with no preservatives or dye. Your tastebuds will taste the homemade in every sip with a refreshing beverage from Kennewick’s Twisters Espresso.

Kennewick Twisters Espresso
Here are two drinks from Twisters Expresso, the Frankenstein (left) and Yin and Yang (right). To create the black hair and the Yin part of the drink, they used activated charcoal. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

Meet the Owners

Come on in and say hello to Main and Hailey. They are both very creative and have welcoming, kind souls. Main loves to play video games in his free time to relax his mind. He also used to play sports like track, football, wrestling, and boxing. Hailey loves trying new things and is into sports too. She is getting back into soccer and has derby practices. Hailey is also a lover of plants, crystals and astrology.

It’s easy to see these two are determined and in it to succeed. For Main and Hailey, it’s essential to build a connection with their customers. To them, each and every one of you is part of the Twisters family. All their customers are not only a ray of sunshine day by day but also inspiration.

The Beginning

Kennewick Twisters Espresso
For some Halloween fun, Main and Hailey created Frankenstein. This drink is super delicious and adorable with googly eyes. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

Before living in the Tri-Cities, Hailey lived in Yakima. She worked at a coffee stand, and when she moved here with Main, an idea sparked. “Yakima has a lot of crazy drink places, and here there’s are a lot of crazy ones, but not as much as Yakima,” Hailey said. The couple wanted to add a twist to their business — no pun intended. “For me, it was her actually,” said Main. “At first, I was all supportive about it, and I didn’t think I’d be involved.” Main was and still is supportive of Hailey’s ideas. Starting a business with her has set the path of them growing together with Twisters Espresso.

As for their location, Twisters Espresso will not stay where they are permanently. The future dream of Twisters Espresso is to open one Twisters Espresso in each city of the Tri-Cities — starting with Pasco.

Drinks on the Menu

Kennewick Twisters Espresso
This is the Libra Season Drink. From September 23 – October 23, any Libra or non-Libra can enjoy this strawberry, raspberry and vanilla drink. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

Twister’s fruit syrups are 100% homemade and free of preservatives and dye, and it’s fun to get creative with the flavors. They use real fruit to satisfy your palate in the right way.  When drinking Twister’s beverages, you will feel you are actually consuming the fruit instead of something that tastes artificial.

The Twisters Espresso menu doesn’t just stop with the signature drinks. Customers are free to make any drink they want. They even offer a very special drink with pick your Big Three as highlighted on their Instagram. All you must do is find out your Sun, Moon, and Rising (Ascendant) sign. Each zodiac sign correlates to a flavor, and those flavors mixed are your drink.

The Big Three is a fun way to explore and see what you love best. If you don’t want to do the Big Three, that’s okay. You can still make your drink however you like. All the custom drinks made are Hailey and Main’s inspiration to create more special signature drinks. Creativity and self-expression are always an option at Twisters Espresso.

On the Twisters Espresso menu, Main’s favorite drink is the yummy Himalayan and Hailey’s favorite drink is the fantastic Strawberry Colada.

Kennewick Twisters Espresso
Like Main and Hailey say, “There is balance in everything” This is the Yin and Yang White Lotus drink. White Peach as the base and activated charcoal on top. Taste the balance. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

Advice and Their Favorite Thing About Owning a Business

An analogy Hailey used is, “A business is like raising a baby.” Main says, “As you grow with the business, there are times you will get mad and don’t know why.” But both say not to give up. Every business owner knows it’s tough initially, but if you keep going, it gets easier. “You can find connections, and you can find people. You’ll find new ways. And at the end, everything will be better,” says Main.

The pair’s favorite thing about owning a business is showing their creativity, meeting new people, being themselves, and making customers happy after a long day at work. Giving back to the community has been a life path journey they have always wanted to follow. With this business, Hailey and Main feel they can do just that. They are making each customer part of the Twisters family happy.

Stop by Twisters Espresso, where creativity is loved, and each drink speaks to the inner you. Main and Hailey welcome all.

Twisters Espresso
212 W Kennewick Avenue

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