Every summer comes with an adventure. Whether it be water rafting, camping, hiking, or having a campfire with friends on a cool night., the best way to finish off your summer evenings is with a good book. Reading is a tranquil way to end each summer day relaxed and with imaginative dreams. To get started, here are some book recommendations for summer reading in the Tri-Cities.

summer reading in the Tri-Cities
As soon as you start reading, you can sense the true love between Alma and Ichimei in “The Japanese Lover.” Photo credit: Viannka Madison

The Japanese Lover

By: Isabel Allende

“The Japanese Lover,” written by Isabel Allende, is a heartfelt one to read. Alma Belasco, daughter of a wealthy family, and Ichimei Fukuda, son of a Japanese gardener, become friends as Europe goes to war. As they grow up, this friendship blossoms into love — a love they must keep hidden.

Years go by with this secret romance, and they lose connection. In a care home, Alma has a caretaker, Irina, who is interested in Alma’s life. Mysterious gifts and letters are found. Irina uncovers and tells us the story of Alma and her forbidden love that had lasted for seventy years in secrecy. Both heartfelt and heartbreaking, this story portrays true love, sacrifices made, and how time can heal.

The Series of Dead City

By: James Ponti

The “Dead City” series is one you can start reading by the fire at night. “Dead City” is a story about a girl named Molly Bigelow who works with an undercover agency that fights the undead! Living in lively New York City, there is even more bustling down below. These undead can talk, let alone plan to take over the living. In each book of “Dead City,” James Ponti takes you on thriller mysteries with Molly and her friends. If you are a reader of thriller-fiction mysteries, the “Dead City” series is one for you.

All the books in this series are:

  • #1 Dead City
  • #2 Dead City: Blue Moon
  • #3 Dead City: Dark Days

    summer reading in the Tri-Cities
    Scarlett St. Clair’s “Hades and Persephone” series is an addicting one at most. This romance series will definitely never bore you. All are page-turners that will keep you wanting more after one chapter. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

The Series of Hades and Persephone

By: Scarlett St. Clair
YA Romance

Mythology fans will love this series written by Scarlett St. Clair. The love story of “Hades and Persephone” is one to remember and adore. It’s a tale of forbidden love but also true love. Scarlett writes the love story of “Hades and Persephone” with a twist of modern living. In this series, you will go through the god and his goddess’ life story, from meeting each other all the way to marriage. Steamy, racing, and heart-wrenching, this love story is a page-turner for young adults and up.

All the books in this series are:

  • #1 A Touch of Darkness
  • #2 A Touch of Ruin
  • #3 A Touch of Malice

The Sign of the Eagle

By: Jess Steven Hughes
Historical Fiction/Action/Crime Thriller

“The Sign of the Eagle” is a story by Jess Steven Hughes that states historical facts, all while you turn each page to finish the mystery. Macha is a strong, intelligent, and capable woman on a journey to prove the innocence of her husband’s falsely accused act of treason. In the time of 71 A.D., Macha must investigate a way to free her husband and save an emperor from certain death. Suspense, murder, and betrayal are found in this book. Will Macha find the true makers of treason?

summer reading in the Tri-Cities
“The Sign of the Eagle” is a good starter to all of the Jess Steven Hughes books. With a strong leading mom, a mysterious plot, and correct historical facts, it’s a perfect historical fiction novel. Photo credit: Viannka Madison

Other books by Jess Steven Hughes continue to tell the tale of Macha’s family and her husband, Titus. Some other books Jess has written take place in the era of 44 A.D.

The books with part of Macha’s story are:

  • The Wolf of Britannia (Part 1): A Young Prince Caratacus
  • The Wolf of Britannia (Part 2): Caratacus the King and his Roman Nemesis, Porcius

Jess Steven Hughes also wrote:

  • The Broken Lance
  • The Peacekeeper

Like Jess Steven Hughes says, “Good novels are rare, good historical novels even rarer.” “The Sign of the Eagle” is one of them, and his other books are even better.

Children’s Books

Kids need some fun books this summer too — ones to laugh too, others to read with mom and dad, or beginning to read on their own. Here are four book recommendations for your little ones. 

Kalamata’s Kitchen

By: Derek Wallace and Sarah Thomas

Everyone can be scared from time to time about trying new things. Kalamata is about to start school but is scared to go. Reminiscing on her summer vacation in India with her parents, she realizes it’s not that bad to try new things. Just like how she tried new foods at the market. In this book, your child will learn that it’s okay to be scared to try something new. But once you do try, it can be fun.

Hair Love

By: Matthew A. Cherry

Based on the Academy Award-winning film “Hair Love,” — Matthew A. Cherry shares with us a book to keep the memory forever. Zuri, a beautiful little girl, has big luscious, coiled hair. Zuri loves her hair, even more, when her dad styles it. Each style he does for her can make Zuri feel like a princess or a superhero. Matthew A. Cherry teaches young ones with kinky, coiled, curly hair to be confident with their natural hair. Also, showing a loving relationship between a dad and his daughter, “Hair Love” can make a perfect bedtime story for Father’s Day.

Bark, George

By: Jules Feiffer

Comical and adorable, Jules Feiffer is guaranteed to make your little one smile. “Bark, George” gives us a story of a puppy learning to find his voice. George is one dog that doesn’t bark! George does every other animal sound except the expected bark. This book is a perfect starter for kids learning how to read. You can read along with them and laugh as George finally learns to bark. 

Let’s do Everything and Nothing

By: Julia Kuo

“Let’s do Everything and Nothing” is a heartwarming lyrical story about love and how strong it can be. Illustrated and written by Julia Kuo, you and your kid will be taken on an adventure in the ocean, in the mountains, and straight back to the living room. This book teaches that love can help reach the unimaginable and that sometimes being together is the best journey of all.

Almost all of these books can be found at your local libraries. And all of these can be found at Barnes and Noble or check with your local bookstore. These summer reads are ones not only your kids will remember, but you will cherish as well. Have a fantastic summer Tri-Cities! May your cool summer nights with a good book be ones you’ll never forget.

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