Mostly, children are usually good at finding ways to entertain themselves. Their active imaginations give them the gift of being able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. For instance, even the most mundane household items can become magical tools for a mystical world that our adult eyes may never see. However, just like adults, kids can get restless and tired of playing make-believe with the kitchen broom. So what’s a parent to do? Luckily for parents and kiddos in the wonderful Tri-Cities community, plenty of places offer fun and exciting activities for kids!

Kid Fun in Tri Cities
Recreational center iPlay Experience offers children a wide variety of challenges and interactive activities to keep them entertained for hours on end! Photo courtesy: iPlay Experience

iPlay Experience

8524 W. Gage Blvd. b110, Kennewick

Taking the stage as the first of its kind in southeastern Washington is iPlay Experience, a family entertainment center in Kennewick. It’s here that imagination gets to run wild, and smiles and new experiences rule the day. iPlay has managed to create an upscale alternative for recreation and education for children by emphasizing socialization and producing unforgettable experiences in their state-of-the-art recreational center.

Of course, it’s not just for children! Teens and adults can also get on in on the fun and find plenty of activities to enjoy. Each activity is focused on changing the pace of the daily routine in the form of thrilling slides, challenging obstacles, and interactive activities in their three-level playground. Other activities at the center include creating a 3D virtual creature in their art alive area, enhancing sensory skills in their interactive sand table, stomping around on their interactive floor system, or relishing being transported to a new world in their immersive virtual reality area. It definitely is an experience like no other! And it can only be experienced at iPlay Experience.

Playground of Dreams

Columbia Park Trail, Kennewick

Dreams really do come true at Kennewick’s very own Playground of Dreams. Originally built in 1999, the playground has since provided quality fun and entertainment to the children of Tri-Cities. Over the years, the playground has undergone several adventurous and exciting upgrades. The most recent upgrade added a hydroplane, cable bridge, lighthouse, and a Lampson crane. The city went the extra mile to make it user-friendly by ensuring users with wheelchairs, or mobility limitations could easily navigate the wonderful Playground of Dreams!

Rock Shop

Kid Fun in Tri Cities
Kiddos can take on new heights at the Rock Shop in Richland. Photo courtesy: Rock Shop

1965 Fowler St., Richland

A place in the beautiful city of Richland where people of all ages can challenge themselves in a fun and welcoming environment is Rock Shop on Fowler Street. Rock Shop is a bouldering-focused indoor climbing gym that also offers weightlifting and summer camps to residents of the Tri-Cities community. Unlike other rock-climbing gyms, this one focuses on just chalk, rock climbing shoes, and challenging fun, whereas typical rock climbing gyms use ropes and harnesses on the journey up.

Also, unlike other gyms, the walls of Rock Shop only go up as high as 16 feet compared to the typical 40 to 50 feet. These key differences create a different type of atmosphere that’s more friendly and take away the usual intimidation while trying to be so bold and dangerously fun!

Red Dot Paintball

Kid Fun in Tri Cities
Red Dot Paintball is tons of fun for the whole family. Pair off into teams and try a game of parents vs. kids for some extra excitement. Photo courtesy: Red Dot Paintball

3430 Beardsley Dr., Richland

With four fields and one laser field, there are limitless possibilities for fun games you can play at Red Dot Paintball! Being the central paintball location for the Tri-Cities area, it is super easy for players to find new teammates just by simply showing up to experience a game. For parents, that means they can sit this one out if they so choose, and Red Dot Paintball will work to match them up with other kiddos on their same skill level so they can have a blast.

Or if parents wish to play a more advanced game than the young ones, they will match them up with more advanced players so they can enjoy their own game! Red Dot Paintball is also more than happy to host parties, groups, or special events for those looking to rent out a field for a day of fun.

Go Bowl

Kid Fun in Tri Cities
Kids can have tons of bowling fun at affordable prices at Go Bowl in Pasco. Photo courtesy: Go Bowl Lanes and Arcade

2799 W. Lewis St., Pasco

Emphasizing family, fun, and a great time in the Tri-Cities is locally owned and family-operated Go Bowl in Pasco. They have amazing deals and special offers on their bowling rates, along with offering various birthday and party packages. You can even rent out the entire center for special events. Fun for the kids is definitely affordable at Go Bowl, with games only costing $4.95 on Friday and Saturday and $3.95 Tuesday through Thursday and on Sunday. What a score!

Pasco Aviation Museum

Kid Fun in Tri Cities
There are tons of exciting aviation history for kids to learn about at Pasco Aviation Museum. Photo courtesy: Pasco Aviation Museum

4022 Stearman Ave., Pasco

Those kiddos with a deep love of planes are sure to light up during a visit to the Pasco Aviation Museum. Of course, all are welcome to come and enjoy the museum, not just the enthusiasts! Here, kids will learn local aviation history through educational displays and exhibits that are sure to inspire young and older minds alike.

The museum is stationed at the Old Naval Air Station Pasco Control Tower Building, a local historic building that the museum has managed to save and restore to preserve and honor the city’s significant aviation history. This important landmark has proven to be a fantastic location for the museum, where kiddos and parents alike are all invited to come to learn about everything aviation!

So, the next time the kitchen broom loses its magical power and boredom starts to seep in, have no fear, parents! These local, fun, kid-centered places in the Tri-Cities community have got you covered for an exciting time!

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