Kiddos can turn pretty much anything into a toy thanks to their active imaginations, be it rocks or sticks, pillows and blankets, kitchen utensils, and occasionally, things like mom’s make-up and dad’s tools. Ah yes, it’s all fun and games until they get ahold of something that isn’t meant for either of those things, so here to help you keep your kids out of the toolboxes, cosmetic bag, and anything else they might get their hands on that they shouldn’t are these lovely toy stores right here in the Tri-Cities community!

Toy Stores in Tri Cities
These take-and-play sets at Adventures Underground are the perfect grab-and-go toys. Photo courtesy: Adventures Underground

Adventures Underground

1391 George Washington Way, Richland

Your one-stop local shop for new and used books, comics, games, records, and toys in Richland is none other than your friendly neighborhood Adventures Underground. A lot is going on in this little shop but don’t worry, you’re invited to take your time and peruse the aisles while enjoying a nice cup of coffee from their in-house Caterpillar Café.

As you explore, you’ll find that it’s all about the fun here. They have something for every interest and age level in various genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, and more!

Woodland Kids

Toy Stores in Tri Cities
Toys and clothes from Woodland Kids aren’t just fun! They’re also good for the environment as they’re all eco-friendly. Photo courtesy: Woodland Kids

621 The Parkway, Richland

Making its grand debut this November at Chic and Unique Furniture at the Richland Parkway is Woodland Kids. Mother of four, Ashley Bisogno, runs the small, family-owned business dedicated to bringing quality clothes, toys, and other fun items unlike anything else in town at reasonable prices.

Many of their toys are natural play-inspired, and definitely salt of the earth created as they’re made of wood. You’ll also find plenty of clothing while visiting the shop, ranging from newborn to 24 months, all of which are eco-friendly and made with sustainable cotton or bamboo.

Sunken Treasures Games

Toy Stores in Tri Cities
From retro gaming to comics, dice sets to board games, and even amazing collectibles like these wrestling figures; you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Sunken Treasures Games. Photo courtesy: Sunken Treasures Games

1341 George Washington Way, Suite B, Richland

Lovers of retro gaming won’t get enough of locally owned and operated Sunken Treasures Games as they fill you with nostalgia with their wide variety of vintage games and systems. For over a decade now, they have been the Tri-Cities’ go-to for finding those lost gaming treasures and collectibles that have since been long forgotten, giving us adults a chance to share our childhood passions with our own children as we teach them the games from “back in the day.”

While traveling down this memory lane of gaming, you’ll also find newer delights, including manga, comics, Japanese imports, dice sets, collectible figures, and more!

Toy Stores in Tri Cities
You’ll find amazing deals on gently loved toys at New 2 U Kids. Photo courtesy: New 2 U Kids

New 2 U Kids

1382 Jadwin Avenue, Richland

Though New 2 U Kids may mostly be well-known for their expansive selection of gently loved baby, toddler, big kid, teen, and maternity clothing, that’s not the only thing you’ll find in this family-owned and operated children’s resale boutique.

They also sell a plethora of baby accessories, large and small baby gear, strollers, books, puzzles, and of course, toys! There’s something for every kid and parent in this 2,000-square-foot shop with thrift store prices that has been serving the community for over 15 years!

So the next time it seems like your kiddos have run out of toys to play with and have resorted to entertaining themselves with things not meant for playing, consider heading on over to any of these fantastic local toy stores here in the Tri-Cities for something new and exciting to play with!

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