Coming in like a tornado, boba tea has taken the Tri-Cities for a spin. This delicious trend has people longing to know where the best boba is. With each one as unique as the next, here are five boba tea places for your sweet indulgence in the Tri-Cities.

Novel Coffee and Teas

boba tea Tri-Cities
This drink from Novel is called the Taro Milk Tea with tapioca boba. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

720 George Washington Way, STE B-B, Richland

Starting with Novel Coffee and Teas, this is the perfect place to have a quiet study session with a drink in hand. The seating area of Novel is calm, and as soon as you head straight to working on your computer, you’ll feel happy with how much you got done.

On Novel’s menu, you can have alternative milk choices, an option for how much sweetness you want (percentage-wise), jellies, tapioca boba, and more. They also have signature drinks for the holiday season too. Each one has an awesome name like St. Nick and The Grinch. You can have a drink catered to your own sugary liking with these wonderful options.

Pearl Tea

1321 N Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick 

boba tea Tri-Cities
Pearl Tea offers a fusion of Green Tea and Dragonfruit and the boba is brown sugar crystal. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

Pearl Tea is the only boba place at the mall, so they are popular. Pearl Tea serves up delectable drinks. Not only do they give you boba drink options, but they also have choices of milkshakes, lemonade, and energy drinks.

One thing to know is the Pearl Tea menu is different. You can choose a type of drink, with a choice to mix two flavors and boba, or you can pick a drink from their favorite combinations section. Pearl Tea has two kinds of boba pearls, six types of popping pearls, and seven types of jellies — all for that extra special chew to your drink.

The different customizable beverages you can choose from are Fruit Tea with green or black tea, Milk Tea that is non-dairy, Snow with fresh milk (but also have the choice of almond or oat milk), and a Fruit Slush. Purchasing one of these drinks at the mall is a great way to start your shopping spree.

Tea Haus

boba tea Tri-Cities
This drink from Tea Haus is called the Bobarita. It is a Jasmine Green Tea, Strawberry, and Lime fusion. The boba is tapioca. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

530 Swift Blvd., Richland

As the house of boba, Tea Haus offers a menu with many options ranging from regular boba to smoothies with whey protein. Being on the sweeter side, Tea Haus is excellent for those who have a giant sweet tooth. The boba drinks have mouthwatering flavors and colors that are vibrant.

The decorations in Tea Haus are also incredible for pictures with friends. Drinking your boba here with all the colorful backgrounds is undoubtedly a way to lift your spirits after a long day.


325 E Columbia Dr., Kennewick

boba tea Tri-Cities
This drink from Bobablastic is a Strawberry Slushie with Rainbow Jellies. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

If it is your first time hearing of Bobablastic, be sure to put them on your boba bucket list. Bobablastic is very well known for its drinks, but there is also something to know about them — they also make food!

To add to your meal, on their menu Bobablastic has elote (corn, cheese, mayo, and Tajín), chocolate-dipped strawberries, nachos, sweet and sour chicken with rice, and more. Bobablastic’s drinks are also on the sweeter side, and nothing is better on a hot day than a cold, sweet drink.

Pearl Coffee and Bubble Tea

2221 E Lewis St., Pasco 

When in the Pasco area, Pearl Coffee and Bubble Tea is the place to go for a quick boba tea grab and go. Their menu supplies all the flavors you love coupled with a good variety of popping boba including kiwi, strawberry, mango, and lychee.

boba tea Tri-Cities
Try a Dragon Fruit infusion with Black Tea and tapioca boba at Pearl Coffee and Bubble Tea. Photo credit: Neomii Madison

Pearl Coffee and Bubble Tea is a friendly drive-thru so that you can enjoy the comfort of your car in the cold or the heat. Their staff is incredibly nice and offers great advice on what to have for your first time there.

Boba tea — some love it, and some don’t enjoy the tapioca balls. Yet everyone loves the sweetness and happiness they bring so if you haven’t already, check out boba tea. You don’t have to have the tapioca, but once you try it, you’ll understand why Tri-Cities is in love with it.

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