It’s a question that’s asked day after day without any hesitation, and depending on how you are feeling, the question of “What’s for dinner?” can be downright exhausting. Some days the inquiry about dinner is tiring because you can’t think of what to eat. Other days just the thought of cooking is enough to make a person weary. For those times when you don’t want to go through the hassle that comes with dinner, consider picking up your main course at one of these Tri-Cities pizza places that are sure to make grabbing dinner as easy as a pizza pie!

Tri-Cities pizza places
Stick+Stone offers a unique variety of pizza options that have been perfected since its opening in January of 2016. Photo courtesy: Stick+Stone


3027 Duportail St., Richland

One local pizza joint looking to make your dinner choice easier by offering locally made wood-fired pizza is Stick+Stone in Richland. Originally this pizza spot was opened by owner Mike Miller, but back in 2020, Mike sold the local pizza place to his longtime store manager Talon Yager.

Yager has had a hand in developing the menu since its opening in January of 2016 and has created many signature pizza recipes for its menu. Stop in and try them for yourself, and they might just end up being your own personal favorite as well! Fan favorites include Pig Pizza, Honey Badger Pizza, and Vodka Pizza.

Hubby’s Pizza

346 W. Columbia Dr., Kennewick

Tri-Cities pizza places
Acquire the Hubby’s Habitat by stopping in and trying this great local pizza place. Photo courtesy: Hubby’s Pizza

Serving the Tri-Cities delicious pizza since 1976 is Hubby’s Pizza in Kennewick. Originally Hubby’s was opened by husband and wife duo Ed and Pat Gilbert for 19 years before their son Monty took over the business. Monty was the proud owner for 21 years before retiring, passing the baton to the now owners Shane and Kelly O’Leary. The O’Leary’s had actually worked at Hubby’s during their teenage years, and it was their dream to one day own the restaurant.

As fate would have it, their dream came true, and now they offer the Tri-Cities the same mouthwatering pizza that has been perfected over so many years. All pizzas are made with natural ingredients and fresh dough, and there is also a salad bar as well as a great selection of beers and sodas for all to enjoy.

Casa Mia

Tri-Cities pizza places
Taking a box of Casa Mia home is sure to be a dinner hit with the family. Photo courtesy: Casa Mia of Kennewick

2541 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick

Founded on tradition, Casa Mia in Kennewick has been serving Italian-American grub since 1952, when their first restaurant was opened. To this day, the menu at Casa Mia is still centered around original owner Phil Bellofatto’s recipes, with nearly everything still being made the old-fashioned way.

All pizzas are hand-tossed with dough made fresh daily then baked on a brick hearth. Even their tomato sauce is made from their own special recipe for a truly unique experience for your tastebuds.

Greek Islands Cuisine

600 Gage Blvd., Richland

Tri-Cities pizza places
Greek Island Cuisine makes its dough from scratch. Photo courtesy: Greek Island Cuisine

When the Danakos family opened Greek Islands Cuisine, it had been a long-awaited dream of their family to open such a restaurant and share their Greek heritage proudly with the city of Richland. They have spent over 25 years searching out the finest ingredients and perfecting their recipes for their customers to enjoy.

At Greek Island Cusine, they prepare all their signature sauces, dough, and meats from scratch daily and use only local, organic vegetables. Their goal in opening the restaurant was to create a place for the people of Richland to come in and enjoy an authentic Greek meal without having to fly to Greece, and that’s precisely what they’ve managed to do!

With so many local pizza places to choose from, there’s no need to tire yourself out when dwelling on an answer to the question of “What’s for dinner?” Instead, take the pressure off by choosing to let one of these, or any other local, pizza places answer that question for you with one of their delicious hand-tossed pizzas that the whole family is bound to love.

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