The smell of summer may be on the horizon in the form of flowers, cool breezes, and freshly cut grass, but there’s one scent that follows summer that is sure to make your tummy rumble. The smell of a burger on the grill! Nothing else screams summer quite like a cookout with friends and some freshly grilled burgers to chow down on. To satisfy the craving until the weather is nice enough for such a gathering, here are some delicious local Tri-Cities burger joints to get you through!

Tri-Cities burger joints
The cowboy burger at Baby J’s is a popular favorite of customers. Photo courtesy: Baby J’s

Baby J’s

2243 Stevens Dr., Richland

Baby J’s in Richland specializes in making the best BBQ and southern-style comfort food around. Family-owned and operated, they pride themselves on having mouth-watering food that is always made fresh, phenomenal customer service, and a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you are part of the family. They have a wide variety of burgers to choose from, including popular favorites like the Hawaiian Burger and Cowboy Burger. Besides the delicious burgers, they also have plenty of other barbeque options on the menu, like BBQ pulled pork, BBQ ribs, and a three-piece BBQ chicken to satisfy your summer cravings. 

The Dive

Tri-Cities burger joints
Spicy jalapeño bacon cheddar burger topped with fried pickles, lettuce tomato onion, and chipotle mayo! Mouthwatering and only at The Dive! Photo courtesy: The Dive

2000 Logston Blvd., #122, Richland

“Corporate Burgers Suck!” according to The Dive in Richland. This local burger hot spot focuses on providing a fun dive bar experience while using the freshest ingredients to create chow-down-worthy burgers for their patrons. Owners of The Dive include Mike and Dashia Hopp, who also own Bombing Range Brewing Co. in the same strip mall location. Their original plan all those years ago was to open a dive bar, but the brewery came first when Mike took an interest in brewing beer at home back in 2015. Since then, they’ve perfected their brewing and cooking skills, and now The Dive is the perfect place to enjoy both the burgers and the brew!

Andy’s North

3321 W Court St., Pasco

Tri-Cities burger joints
The legendary giant burgers can only be found at Andy’s North. Photo courtesy: Andy’s North Restaurant & Lounge

Offering excellent classic American food and many other unique items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is Andy’s North in Pasco. To go with the fantastic grub, they also have a full-service lounge with a wide range of liquor, beer, wine, and a pull tab bar. You can even enjoy the patio seating in the warm months and indulge in one of their giant burgers outside, which happen to be legendary in the Tri-Cities just for how big they are. Stop in today and see for yourself!

Foodies Too

701 The Pkwy, Richland

Tri-Cities burger joints
Foodies even have a food truck so that they can serve the community on the go and have them enjoy their burgers anytime. Photo courtesy: Foodies Richland

Foodies Too is a locally owned craft kitchen with house-made recipes that are a fun spin on your favorite classic American dishes you already know and love. They use high-quality ingredients for these meals and make craft cocktails from local liquor to go with them. Besides the excellent food, Foodies Too also has a fun, warm atmosphere that is nothing but inviting, and Foodies prides itself in giving their customers nothing but the absolute best. Outside being home to some of the best burgers in the Tri-Cities, they are also known for having some of the tastiest cakes in the Columbia Basin.

Parkade Bar and Grill

207 W Kennewick Ave., Kennewick

Tri-Cities burger joints
Everyone loves a good burger from Parkade Bar and Grill which has been serving Kennewick since 1930. Photo courtesy: Parkade Bar & Grill

Serving the Kennewick community with some of the best burgers around is Parkade Bar and Grill on Kennewick Ave. Established in 1930, this extraordinary tavern is the only spot in Old Town Kennewick that started as a bar and has remained for the last 80 years. Though the bar may have switched hands over the years, it has kept with the tradition of providing great food and atmosphere with cold beer and cocktails. Go try them for yourself and put them to the test to see if they really do have the best burgers around!

The seasons may come and go, and with them, some of our favorite foods, but luckily there are all these local burger places and more in the Tri-Cities to get us through and satisfy our cravings when the weather isn’t made for grilling. So, stop in and chow down anytime the mood strikes you!

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