It’s time to rise and shine for members of the Tri-Cities community, and it’s important that each individual starts their day off right! After all, it sets the mood for the rest of the day, so it’s vital to give yourself plenty of time to mentally prepare and go through your morning routine smoothly without the anxiety of rushing out the door. Whether you like to work out first thing in the morning, get that confidence boost from doing your hair and make-up, or just like a few minutes of quiet before dealing with the rest of the world, each of these can be considered a vital aspect to starting your morning depending on the person. However, one part of the morning routine that no one should skip is having a delicious breakfast to start the day off. For the Tri-Cities community, there are plenty of local breakfast hot spots waiting to serve you in the wee hours of the sunrise and on into brunch hours.

breakfast and brunch in the Tri-Cities
It’s just another day at the office at Just Joel’s with a delicious breakfast on the grill! Photo courtesy: Just Joel’s

Just Joel’s

1505 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick

There’s no shame in eating pie for breakfast at Just Joel’s in Kennewick, nor is eating pie for lunch or just as an early morning snack while they’re open from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Besides the tasty pies, their yummy breakfast options are done in the style of old-school comfort food, making your first meal of the day 100% fresh, 100% tasty and 100% cooked with love. They offer everything from egg breakfasts, waffles and pancakes, all the way to specialty omelets made just the way you like them. Stop on in and grab a cup of their famous 69-cent coffee!

breakfast and brunch in the Tri-Cities
Yummy breakfast awaits at Little Randy’s Diner. Photo credit: Pa K.

Little Randy’s Diner

104 W 1st Ave, Kennewick

Famous for its outstanding service and attractive prices when it comes to breakfast in Kennewick is Little Randy’s Diner. They offer many breakfast classics, such as chicken-fried steak, huevos rancheros, and yummy biscuits and gravy. Of course, if you’re not in the mood for breakfast food, they do offer classic American fare lunches and Mexican dish options.

breakfast and brunch in the Tri-Cities
During some months Kagen Coffee & Crepes will do specialty crepes, like the Strawberry Lemonade crepe pictured here that was featured last June. Photo courtesy: Kagen Coffee & Crepes

Kagen Coffee & Crepes

270 Williams Blvd, Richland

Community members can enjoy a place to gather, visit, and catch up all over breakfast at Kagen Coffee & Crepes. Owner Kegan Cox developed a love of crepes and cozy breakfast spots during his travels, while always looking for new restaurants to stop in and try. He then turned that love into his own breakfast hub with a menu that includes savory and sweet crepes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Sageport Grille

breakfast and brunch in the Tri-Cities
Make breakfast fun and exciting at Sageport Grille where all the crazy happens early in the morning. Photo credit:
Richie D.

1633 Columbia Park Trail, Richland

A breakfast place that’s all the rage in the Richland area thanks to its unique interior and creative breakfast menu items is Sageport Grille. When you step inside, you’re instantly transported into a mystical wonderland as odd, fun things fill the walls and ceilings, while always leaving something new to be seen each time you walk in. If you think the atmosphere is wild, just wait until you check out the menu that includes interesting favorites for customers, such as pulled pork hash, Chinese hotcakes, and chicken waffle nachos. Yum!

Magill’s Restaurant & Catering

breakfast and brunch in the Tri-Cities
Magill’s Restaurant & Catering frequently has BOGO mac and cheese days on Tuesdays. Buy 1 large mac & get 1 classic small mac for FREE! Photo courtesy:
Magill’s Restaurant & Catering

3214 Road 68, Pasco

Enjoy an award-winning breakfast at Magill’s Restaurant & Catering. Located in a historic building on the corner of Road 68 and Agent in Pasco, the building was designed by the same architect that redesigned Leavenworth into its current “Swiss Alps village” style. There’s something for everyone at Magill’s with their diverse menu that includes light entrees for those who just want a little morning pick-me-up to large servings, like their chicken fried steaks, for those wanting a good, hearty breakfast. And the best part? They serve the best breakfast in town all day!

With so many delicious breakfast options out there, what are you waiting for? It’s time to rise and shine the right way — by enjoying a yummy breakfast at any of these fantastic Tri-Cities area breakfast and brunch restaurants. They’ll already awake and ready for you to join them!

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