There’s just something so sentimental about the good old days and viewing items from those periods creates a unique sense of nostalgia as we contemplate how things used to be. There’s a sense of mystique to antiques, each one telling a story that will never be told, leaving much to our imaginations. As time wears on and it gets harder and harder to find items of yesteryear, it becomes sort of a treasure hunt for those enthusiasts who love to collect things of old. Fortunately for such collectors, there are plenty of antique stores for them to treasure hunt at in the Tri-Cities community on a quest to find those pieces of the past.

Tri-Cities antique stores
A vibrant display of antiques and collectibles at Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts. Photo courtesy:
Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts

Roxy Theater Antiques and Gifts

101 W. Kennewick Ave, Kennewick

The Roxy Theater Antique and Gifts store is located in a building that is itself an antique! Originally the building opened at the new Liberty Theater in 1920 that showcased live shows as well as motion pictures for members of the community. As time wore on, the building changed owners and eventually went through a couple of remodels until it became the antique store that it is today. Filled with amazing vendors and delightful antiques, visitors can expect a fantastic experience where they can find unique vintage treasures and antiques for themselves or find the perfect gift for that family member interested in old-time collectibles.

Tri-Cities antique stores
Stunning antiques are waiting to go home with you and decorate your own interior at Bergan’s Timeless Treasures. Photo courtesy: Bergan’s Timeless Treasures

Bergan’s Timeless Treasures

317 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick

In 2013, the Bergan Family established locally owned and operated Bergan’s Timeless Treasures, bringing a 5,000 square feet space dedicated to timeless classics to the Tri-Cities community. Vendors in their store bring in a wide variety of antiques, collectibles, and oddities, creating the perfect space for some vintage retail therapy. At Bergan’s, every piece is a treasure, and every customer is a friend, so stop on in and be transported back in time while you hunt through all they have to offer!

Ragtime Antiques Mall

1398 Jadwin Ave, Richland

Tri-Cities antique stores
Ragtime Antiques has one of the largest selections of antiques in the Richland community. Photo courtesy: Ragtime Antiques


One of the largest antique stores in the Tri-Cities community is Ragtime Antiques Mall in Richland. With over 15,000 square feet and 100 plus vendors, it’s hard not to find antique treasures in this place! It’s easy to get caught up in all they offer and get lost for hours in their wide variety of vintage items. As an added bonus, many of the vendors frequently have sale items in their booths with discounts of up to 20% off!

Hunt & Gather Antiques and Vintage Shop

1350 Jadwin Ave, Richland

A happy gathering place that’s also nestled in the Uptown Shopping Center is Hunt & Gather Antiques and Vintage Shop. They have new arrivals daily of antiques, vintage, repurposed items, and so much more and of course, they’re all offered at great prices! They promise you’ll love the thrill of the hunt as you gather up those antiques to carry home.

Tri-Cities antique stores
A black and white photo is a fitting way to showcase Hunt and Gather Antiques and Vintage Shop. Photo courtesy: Hunt & Gather Antiques and Vintage

Patina Antique and Vintage Finds

1346 Jadwin Ave, Richland

An antique store new to the Tri-Cities is Patina Antiques and Vintage Finds, located on the same avenue as Hunt & Gather. They have a wide variety of vintage items that range from the 1860s to the 1950s, with the inventory changing several times a year, so don’t think twice about that item you’re eyeballing. It might be gone the next time you walk through the door!

Uptown Antique Market

1365 George Washington Way, Richland

Tri-Cities antique stores
Treasures await even on the outside at Uptown Antique Market. Photo courtesy: Uptown Antique Market

There are over 5,500 square feet of antiques and vintage items to shop through at Uptown Antique Market. Complete with 26 vendors to choose from, they are located in the historic Uptown Shopping Center in the heart of Richland, meaning you’ll be walking through a piece of history while antiquing. Besides the antiques, they also offer espressos, a friendly staff, and a soothing shopping experience as old-time soft music plays from the 1940s while you shop!

There’s treasure around every corner at these local antique shops in the Tri-Cities community, with each item shedding light on our past and telling the tales of our ancestors before us. And these items are ready and waiting for you to find them, so what are you waiting for? Embrace the nostalgia and step back in time by visiting any of these local vintage shops in our local Tri-Cities community!

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